BUMPER STICKERS — 2-3/4" x 10-5/8" — $3.00 retail

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No One Is Above the Laws of Nature
The Smartest Distance Between Two Points... BIKE IT! (with cyclist)
Biodiversity Is Nature’s Way of Saying It’s OK to Be Different
Sustainability: The Final Frontier
Everybody Breathe! It’s Tree Appreciation Day
Between Cleanliness & Godliness: Blessed Are the Recyclers
Why Can’t America Be #1 at Saving the Earth?
Disposable Is a Dirty Word - If  You Can't Re-Use It, Refuse It!
Reduce / Re-Use / Recycle: No One Else Can Do Your Part
At What Point Do We Stop Riding the Dinosaur? Ban Fossil Fuels Forever
Absolute Power Contaminates Absolutely
Please Don’t Feed the Landfill!
Close the Loop: One Person’s Waste is Someone Else’s Raw Material
Conserve Energy! It’s the Law
Purify the Air / Protect the Water / Preserve the Land
Water is Your Greatest Liquid Asset
Compost: Invest in the Earth
We’re Spending Our Children’s Inheritance:		Save Wild Nature!
Wake Up & Smell the Toxics
It’s the End of the World As We Know It . . . Get Right with Gaia!
“Consumer” Is an Attitude . . . Don’t Buy It!
Recycling Is for the Birds! the Squirrels, the Whales, the Frogs, the Redwoods, the Salmon, the Butterflies, the Children . . .
Ancient Forests Are Irreplaceable: Ax the Government Timber Giveaway
Timber Corporations Can’t See the Forest for the Lumber
“What Did You Do to Help Save the Earth, Daddy?”
Noah Didn't Save the Animals for Extinction! Preserve God's Endangered Species
If You Eat, Drink Water, or Breathe Air, You're An Environmentalist!
Renewable Energy Is a No-Brainer! (Is That Why the Politicians Don't Get It?)

MINI STICKERS —1-1/4" x 5" or 2-1/2" x 2-3/4" — $2.00 retail

It's Not Really Recyclable Unless You Recycle It!
Respect Nature ... As If Your Life Depends on It
The Earth Is Not Your Ashtray - Pick It Up!
Pollution Is Child Abuse
Be Kind to Trees: Conserve / Re-Use / Recycle Paper
Human Extinction? Not in My Lifetime!
Petroleum-Crazed Aliens Invaded My Planet
Earth Without End - Amen!

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