BUMPER STICKERS — 2-3/4" x 10-5/8" — $3.00 retail


If You Eat Food, Drink Water, or Breathe Air, You're an Environmentalist!
Noah Didn't Save the Animals for Extinction! Preserve God's Endangered Species
We Arm the World... Global Arms Sales of America, Inc.
We Want to Have Our Cake & Eat Yours Too! Support the Corporate Welfare State
McFastfood-In-A-Box, Inc.
Animals Are Just People With Extra Legs

MINI STICKERS – 1-1/4" x 5" – $2.00 retail

Instant Gratification Now! It's the American Way
Don't Worry, My Control Issues Are Firmly Under Control
Life Is Not a Spectator Sport - Volunteer!
Our Only Hope Is to Stop Hoping & Do Something
Petroleum Is Patriotic (If You Live in Saudi Arabia)

Shipping is included. Contact us for bulk and wholesale rates!

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